Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yokohama Shumai (Kiyoken 崎陽軒)

Kiyoken is the most famous and popular shumai shop in Yokohama which started its business more than 80 years ago.
Compared to the normal shumai which are being sold at the supermarkets and delicatessens,these are rather small,chewy and so tasty.
Most of the ingredients used to prepare shumai are of good quality of the Japanese pork and scallops of Hokkaido.My home-made shumai will have minced white onions as we don't have  water chestnuts here so they are softer than the Kiyoken ones.
Yesterday,I went to Yokohama and bought one pack of shumai  as my son likes them so much.
There are many small Kiyoken shops near and inside  the JR Yokohama station,where bento lunch boxes with the tasty shumai are sold.
When I was in 1 of the Chinese restaurants in Singapore,I ordered for shumai.I looked forward to be served with mustard for a dip with soysauce but instead,I was given chilli sauce.Later on I realised that  Singaporeans  eat shumai with chilli sauce.This fact came to me as a cultural shock as it was the beginning of my living in the island of Singapore.They also use chilli sauce for a dip of French Fries at the MacDonals`s instead of salt!

                                      25.8. before 10am in Yokohama
                                            JR station

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