Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kaiseki(full-course) Dinner in Atami 1

Normally Ryokan serves Kaiseki-ryori(food).
Traditionally  Kaiseki -ryori is the meal served prior to the a tea ceremony.
It was evolved from vegetarian meals for the Buddhist monks as Kaiseki literally means a warmed stone which was put on a bosom of Kimono to divert from hunger and cold .
The ingredients are fresh ,seasonal,and carefully prepared without adornment.
As a kind of Japanese haute cuisine ,Kaiseki-ryori is usually very expensive.
The chef of this ryokan is still in   his forties  but very skillful so we enjoyed all the food .

                                                          special unprocessed  lacal sake  cold

1.[Sakizuke=relish]with a round ball
mashroom ,paste of Yomogi leaves, flowers of wasabi,Wasabi, salmon roe, Shira-uo(white fish)with sauce of Japanese pepper leaves and Miso
a broad bean ,chicory,bamboo shoot,edible bracken ,Hotaru-cuttle fish ,prawn 

2.[Zensai=hors d'oeuvre]with square plates (to express this season like a picture)
One branch of Sakura,Kisu(fish), Nori-seeweed,Wakame-seaweed with  herring roe,cuttlefish ,long potatoes ,shreded  Japanese lemon skin
3.[Suimono=soup]Zuwai-crab,raw green laver,skin of blowfish, carrot, mashroom, pickled plum
4.[Tsukuri=sliced raw fish]local Shira-uo (white fish), scallops,tuna, Botan-prawn
flowers and leaves  of perilla, cucumber, wasabi
5.[Yaki mono=Grill] Salmon, steamed spiral shell
boiled and grilled white raddish, red pepper, fried burdock, a pickeled stem of ginger
6.[Nimono=food boiled and seasoned]meatball of Japanese beef, pine seeds,lily root ,bamboo shoot ,Brussels sprout,local mushrooms
rape blossoms,Sakura-fu(a breadlike food made of wheat which is protein) with Mizore(sleet)soup made from grated turnip

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